Hi..My name is Jay

I am just curious on why people may have assumed that they “had” to go about the particular “system” of some MLM’s. Everyone has their own “perception”. Things work for some and not others.

When you involve yourself in a marketing don’t you become your own boss? So really, people didn’t “have to” purchase tapes, books and go to “meetings” and “seminars”. They chose too. or were poorly “directed” and mis-guided. You wouldn’t have gotten “kicked out” for not participation would you?

And a good mlm doesn’t “make you” buy products if you don’t want to. It’s just called loyality to a corporation that has “possibily” given you an opportunity (only if you work)!

I guess my question is in regards to people of Quixtar that don’t fully understand the “keep it simple” structure and would like to hear some feedback. It’s a shame that the sponsors have “mis-perceived” this company in saying that you “have to” do it this way or you won’t be successful.

Thanks for
your time and great club 🙂

Hi, I’ve been trying to get the truth out of this MLM project for a couple of weeks now

And there are some holes appearing in the claims. I found this MLM through an add in the Daily Mail(UK) and went to the site: 200kincome.com. He is an agent for a company called Passport2Wealth, so I began asking some questions.
The most important was about paying.
I said could the money be transferred through a Paypal account.
Now the first thing he emailed me was that he did not use paypal. But guess what?
When you follow his YouTube broadcasts, he displays a page showing how much money was paid into his Paypal Account from www.lendme1000.com! So how can this be?
Clearly he cloned the page and displayed it as his own.
Now only is this very illegal it reminds me of an old say: if you want to be a good liar, you have to have a good memory.