There is no number of any kind on the tag

It has the distributor’s name and city/state. I used that to look them up but cannot find this item in any division. 🙁
Yes, it is very cool. He and his guys do some awesome work. Corky, the cabinet maker, is just a quiet unassuming down to earth person.
Dh was telling me about something he saw at a BBS yesterday that we could use, he’d have to add a little to it and stain it. I will talk to dh about asking the cabinet maker about designing something. As I posted on my website last night, one of dh’s roles is my “idea bouncer”. 😀 If anyone is interested in reading what I posted yesterday it is at my website and look under “about us”. It just tells a little about us, and how dh and dd help out. My website is a work in progress. I have some items posted but not everything is up yet. Anything can be customized.