I have a tag from the item

I found a manufacturer on it or maybe they are the distributor? I have looked them up online and they seem to have several divisions and I have yet to find this product in any of their division websites.

I will keep looking though. In the meantime, I will probably go clear the shelves of what they have till I can find it online.

Thanks for the encouragement!

More encouragement on the home front …. I got my coasters in 2 locally owned places. One is a custom cabinet makers shop. He gets a lot of traffic. He says he will display them for me and does not want a cut of the action. I get to keep it all! Wow! What a blessing! Of course, he is building our new kitchen cabinets so he is making a lot more off that than the coasters. 😉

I will be putting some monogram coasters in a local store that has a lot of home accessories. As an incentive to get her to carry them, I gave her a price break. She placed an order for 24 monograms of the most popular letters they get requests for. I will deliver those Thursday sometime. I must admit, the owner was hesitant at first. She had had poor success with the last coasters made by someone else. I have a suspicion of who did them. If I am right, I can see why. I have seen her work and it’s not the best. Now, I am sure there are others who do better work than me but there is really no comparison between mine and the other girl’s. She uses a different technique.

Anyway, I am excited. I’ll ride this ride as long as it lasts. If all else fails, I’ve got FB and my website! LOL I will continue with those regardless of what happens in the store. I see the website more for out of town shoppers or for people who are unable to get out to stores due to health, etc. It’s all good, as they say.