Give up on the band wagon of saying bad things to pre programmed people about their MLM

It won’t work. Just ask questions and be supportive in other ways. I have moved to a really nice small town in CT. One of the clubs here is full of MLMer’s. They give me referrals for my spa, but they ask for them in return. Some of them won’t accept anything I give them in return except referrals so I give up trying to give back.

I just stood up for myself and I said “I will support your local charity blog, but I will not support any MLM or network marketing group period.” So after that, I was afraid that I wouldn’t get any more from this one charity group, but I was wrong!:) The charity is winning over and I did hear from these women again. So they still have some of their brains left:)

This is just one example and I have many more! I just wanted to tell you something positive to look forward to. I just tell these ladies that I think their charity does good work and they turn all into mush and that I support their charity. They just want to feel appreciated and be given a sense of purpose in life. That is what I think is going on in my town. Maybe this will give you ideas for helping out your close ones.