Cell Net10/Tracfone cuttin bills…

We are so trying to cut expenses!!
My biggest areas to cut:

Sprint Cell phone 110
Internet/Cable 80

I’m looked at a Net10 phones. Then I can determine how much I spend. I don’t have a commitment and can better control the cost.

Downside. I surf & email on my phone.. and will have to give it up…
Maybe when we live like no one else I can get an iPhone!!

Cable is my only source of internet.. there are still places without broadband or dsl or anything. I’ve not been able to conquer this bill… They will not a la carte… so I have to get cable & the internet package… grrr… I did try a skywire… but they tore up my roof!! Alas, I cannot deal with dial up!!! grrr…

Any experience with Net10 or Tracfone??

I like the Net 10

I found that buying online is the best way to go. I paid $20.00 for a motorolla phone and it came with 300 minutes of airtime. So, its like I got the phone free. I bought this phone for my daughter. I signed up on a thing with them online also, that they automatically add 150 minutes every month to that phone for $15.00. All unused minutes rollover. Text only charges 1/2 a minute off your airtime. Net 10 is alot better deal than Tracphone.