Hummmm. Interesting dilemma

(see me scratching my chin while furrowing my brow) You’re right. All have pros and cons. I have no experience with buying and having to move such a large piece of equipment. When we have bought something large it’s been a house, vehicle, etc. that we have already arranged payment for and we took possession the same day.

I guess if I had to pick only one choice, it would be the cashier’s check but you still have to arrange moving the equipment. So I am not sure that is best. Sorry I can’t be more help.

Question about entity

Does anyone know if Primerica is an MLM? Anything good or bad about it? I am mostly a lurker, but am involved with one MLM (Shaklee) and have family members who are involved in others (Market America, Melaleuca).

There actually is a Photos area of the club

I haven’t looked at the permissions there in a while. Several years ago, we experienced a rash of people coming in and flooding the Files, Links and Photos sections with spam and other junk. It took Ruth, the founder of this group, and me a while to clean it all up, and the result was that we shut down most of the permissions to those areas. I’m not sure what she did with the Photos area, specifically, whether the entire area is restricted or just certain folders.

Anyway, many of the people who participate in this forum are interested in remaining anonymous. Even in online groups where avatars are used, most people don’t use their real names or pictures but borrow from celebrities or cartoon characters or other kinds of graphics.

Either way, if pictures were posted here, they would not be avatars and would not be associated with the posts, so unless you went searching for photos of people in the Photos area of the club, you wouldn’t see them, anyway.

I think that’s why there have been no requests for such a thing here.