As part of my work I have been working on my website for my coasters this evening

I am trying to get a description of the materials I use on my website this evening. It’s there but it’s not pretty. It will have to suffice till tomorrow. I plan on spending a good bit of time on it tomorrow. I need the practice on building the pages. Plus the more I have on it …. products, descriptions, information, etc., the better chance I have of getting some sales from it.

I also want to go by a locally owned store tomorrow. They sell decorative items for the home, both inside and out. I want to pitch my coasters to the owner to see if they will carry them.

I am still trying to track down a “coaster holder” for my coaster sets. I found something on the tag of a product I came across at store in town. I need to track down more info on it. That is my third goal for tomorrow.