When Diamonds derive 80% of their income from the tools business

They do everything in their power to make sure you are buying the tools.
Quixtar helps them by preventing you from advertising on the web, preventing you from showing product in trade shows, and discourages newspaper and other forms of mass advertising. I had a great deal of difficulty getting ads in newspapers; the newspapers had gotten many complaints from people about MLM false advertising and were very wary.
If you can’t advertise except by buying their advertising tools, then who owns the business really?

We’re talking extreme pressure and well-established brain washing techniques. Also, upline will not help people who aren’t on the tools system.

have borne out our assertions–more than 99% of people lose money in Amway/Quixtar.

You may want to look at www.pyramidschemealert.org. They have an interesting analysis that demonstrates that one is will lose more money in MLM than in gambling.

Why do you put so many words in quotes? It gives your message an “I’m better than you” undertone that I “hope” was not your “intention.”

Hi..My name is Jay

I am just curious on why people may have assumed that they “had” to go about the particular “system” of some MLM’s. Everyone has their own “perception”. Things work for some and not others.

When you involve yourself in a marketing don’t you become your own boss? So really, people didn’t “have to” purchase tapes, books and go to “meetings” and “seminars”. They chose too. or were poorly “directed” and mis-guided. You wouldn’t have gotten “kicked out” for not participation would you?

And a good mlm doesn’t “make you” buy products if you don’t want to. It’s just called loyality to a corporation that has “possibily” given you an opportunity (only if you work)!

I guess my question is in regards to people of Quixtar that don’t fully understand the “keep it simple” structure and would like to hear some feedback. It’s a shame that the sponsors have “mis-perceived” this company in saying that you “have to” do it this way or you won’t be successful.

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