That statement was made in jest

However, sadly, if one wants to make any kind of real money in Amway, you got to get yourself in the tools business. Everybody who has been in Amway or dealt with Amway knows that there is no money to be made, unless you tap into the tools business. The statement sounds a lot like something like mob speak. Amway operates very much like the mob, only they wrap up their dealings in the American flag and God and Country bit. You would not believe what those people do, and how deep their pockets are. They are truly evil. But don’t take my word for it. Read the book “Merchants Of Deception.” Do a google search. I was lucky. I was lazy enough not to work the business seriously.

If I was a wiseguy, I probably would of taken my diamond upline out back and had a little chat. But I don’t operate that way. There are so many good honest people that got caught up in the Amway scam, it hurts. I see the damage that has been done, I have seen lives destroyed. I will never touch any kind of MLM ever again.

I will always speak out against Amway. I will discourage people from joining. I will always warn everyone I know not to join Amway. And if they have a problem with that, so what. They come to my door, they will have hell to pay.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your story..

each experience brings new light on the subject. Can I ask you to elaborate on:

“There is no way one can succeed unless you take your diamond upline back behind the building and ask for a cut in the tools business, or else.”

I think I know what you’re saying, but I want to be clear, as it seems this was the realization that changed your mind.

Long story short:

I was an MLM junkie. Let’s see, first there was Amway which lasted about two years or so. Then there was Excel which lasted about a year or so. Then there was my pitiful attempt at Equinox. Equinox sucked anyway so no loss there. Then the last company I was with was called New Image International. New Image was a lot of fun, they were actually truthful about network marketing and taught a lot different than the previous MLM’s I was involved with.
I did not make any money, but I did learn a lot, especially with New Image.
I don’t support MLM companies. There is no way one can succeed unless you take your diamond upline back behind the building and ask for a cut in the tools business, or else.
I look at my time in those MLM’s as a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I may not have made any money, but I did learn a lot about myself. I did eventually become very self confident, my self esteem is sky high. I maintain a positive mental attitude, however I apply myself not to an MLM but to working my job the best I can with the goal of eventually owing my own business here in my hometown.
So there you have it. If you want for me to elaborate further in my MLM experiences, just email me.
I have a question for this blog members. Have any of you heard of Dale Calzert? If so what is your opinion on him?
Take care, have fun and chat with ya’ll soon.

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There actually is a Photos area of the club

I haven’t looked at the permissions there in a while. Several years ago, we experienced a rash of people coming in and flooding the Files, Links and Photos sections with spam and other junk. It took Ruth, the founder of this group, and me a while to clean it all up, and the result was that we shut down most of the permissions to those areas. I’m not sure what she did with the Photos area, specifically, whether the entire area is restricted or just certain folders.

Anyway, many of the people who participate in this forum are interested in remaining anonymous. Even in online groups where avatars are used, most people don’t use their real names or pictures but borrow from celebrities or cartoon characters or other kinds of graphics.

Either way, if pictures were posted here, they would not be avatars and would not be associated with the posts, so unless you went searching for photos of people in the Photos area of the club, you wouldn’t see them, anyway.

I think that’s why there have been no requests for such a thing here.


If we all agree that MLM’s won’t make us any money, what do you think about click through? Like Google Adsense and the like? This seems a cheaper and less dangerous way of making money?
I post to a blog giving information to writers looking for work, so I post click through banners on the site to try and make a bit of money on the side.
Now I’m not looking for a fortune as in an MLM, but I’m seriously thinking of placing an order for traffic submission to generate a little interest.
What experiences has any body had with this type of marketing?
Does it work?